Why Use A Healthy Practice?

I had a Candida condition and could hardly walk due to arthritis. I was weak and fatigued. I lost my job and became housebound. It took all my energy to do simple tasks. By doctor recommended Colon Hydrotherapy. I was generally scared during the session and had a panic attack in Linda’s office. She was very understanding and caring and offered to try again when I felt ready. I came back a week later, and it was not nearly as uncomfortable as I had thought it would be! After a series of colonics and diet modification, I had so much energy that I went back to work full time and resumed a part-time teaching position. My arthritis is greatly reduced, I no longer feel fatigued, and I owe much of my new found energy and healing to Linda. I consider Colon Hydrotherapy to be one of the most effective, natural and cost-effective therapies.

— Josh F.

I am grateful for your colon hydrotherapy expertise. Who would’ve thought a colon could be so therapeutic in healing my mind, body, and spirit?  I am amazed at the benefits of colon cleansing and deeply appreciate your sensitivity and professional touch as a healing therapist.

— Diane M.

As a result of the colonics that I have been having over the past year, I was able to go back east and not respond adversely to the numerous allergens that usually affect me. It’s the only change that has had such a positive effect. What a pleasure to walk through the woods without the pollen attack! Thank you for strengthening my immune system. With great appreciation…

— Carol M.

Linda’s approach to colonics was essential to the process of healing related to healing a multi-organism infection that I had been fighting. Linda has an understanding of the mind/body connection that encourages and even teaches the body to eliminate properly, both physically and energetically. A Healthy Practice should be commended for its adherence to technique, cleanliness and the personal well-being of the patient through every step of colon hydrotherapy.

— Melissa A.

Linda is a seasoned professional in the field of colon therapy. She surpasses the standards in her work and I would highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to participate in their own digestive health. Both from her professional knowledge base and her keen intuition, she will guide and teach you how to gain your own information about what may be causing your distress. Although never diagnosing or crossing the line, Linda understands digestive health from many different vantage points that are often missed by the allopathic community. She offers you many ways to help yourself in conjunction with her work.

I’ve known Linda for over 20 years. When I met her, she was presenting information at a women’s health fair. Her style and upbeat manner drew me into a safe arena to investigate my own digestive dilemmas. I like the way she worked and the impeccable cleanliness of her facility. It was easy to feel okay about colon irrigations because of her discretion and because I started to feel so much better.  To your health!

- Carol F., RN

Over the last 2 years, I have had numerous problems with my digestion, sugar cravings and food allergies. I began seeing Linda as a response to these medical conditions and quickly realized after my first experience how genuinely important colon hydrotherapy was for my body. I began going once a month because of the wonderful response my body had and due to Linda’s utmost respect and care for every detail involving my health. Linda is very energetically conscious and aware of people’s bodies. I would strongly recommend her as a colon hydrotherapist and health practitioner on all levels – mind, body, spirit.

-  McKenzie

My wife and I have known Linda for many years.  We started seeing her for colonics around 2000 or 2001.  Our previous therapist was leaving the area and referred us to her. We believe that she is a very skilled professional who brings a lot of expertise to her practice.  We both had colonoscopies in 2001 and had several polyps removed.  We had follow-ups done in 2006 and had only one  polyp removed between the two of us.  I believe that this was due in large part to regular colonics.  That was the main factor that we were consistent with over that time frame, more than change in diet.

We moved out of state at the end of 2006 after retiring.  While we have a new therapist, we will miss Linda.  Trust that you will be in good hands if you choose Ms. Hallmark for your therapist.

- Bob and Janel F.

Originally, I had lots of hesitancy about the safety, sanitation and practicality of colon therapy.  After being introduced to Linda and her colon therapy practice by my nutritionist, my fears melted away.  Linda was very patient, thorough and explained the entire process before and as we proceeded.  My body was very toxic and caused many physical side effects that Linda helped me to work through.  My health improved markedly within a short while and, with Linda's help, I have been able to maintain it.  I highly recommend colon therapy and Linda as your personal colon therapist.

- Donna M.