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Detox for Life by Loree Jordon

Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates

Healing Triad by Dr. Jack Tips

Gut Solutions by Leonard Smith, MD and Brenda Watson, ND

PH Miracle by Dr. Robert O. Young

Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management by Dr. Bernard Jensen


Body Rejuvenation -Boise, ID (visit website)

Apple A Day -Austin, TX

International Bio-Care -Mexico

Optimum Health Institute -San Diego, CA & Austin, TX

Tahoma Clinic -Seattle

Supplements for Digestive Support

Advanced Naturals
Systemic Formulas
Body Ecology
Natural Health Home Remedies - Resources for healthy eating, natural healing and ancient remedies from the four corners of the earth. Live healthy, just as nature intended.

Natural Farmacy - Wild & Untamed Natural & Organic products, for Mutts & Men, Nags & Hags, Fillies & Friends and Ewes too! Human tested, cruelty free & earth friendly! A choice you can live with.

Happy Tails Rescue - Dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of Rottweilers.